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Wednesday, October 24th 2018

Whale Watching Boat Rescue Off Vancouver: Some terrifying moments on board a whale watching tour needing to be rescued in the waters off of Bowen Island. Travis Prasad reports.


Keeping Kids Away From Cannabis This Halloween: While emergency responders are always concerned about road-safety, fireworks and other injuries to trick-or-treaters, this Halloween, Andrea Macpherson tells us, they are paying extra close attention to cannabis ending up in your little ones stash.


Bank Of Canada Raises Interest Rate: How will today’s Bank of Canada interest rate hike affect your mortgage, line of credit, and general financial picture? We check in with Katy Mackenzie.


Vancouver Canadians Games on Sportsnet 650: Big news for Vancouver Canadians fans, games are about to be broadcast on SportsNet 650 this summer!


Cold Weather Power Saving Tips: With the cold weather fast approaching, we get some handy power saving tips from BC Hydro.


Apps & Sites That Help You Sleep:  Are you having trouble falling asleep? Tech journalist Akash Sablok joins us with apps and sites that can help.