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Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Goats and Other Ethical Gifts: You don’t need to put a goat under the tree to give a meaningful gift this year. We learn about the option of making a charitable donation to purchase livestock for a family to provide nutrition and income.


Veterans and Mental Health: We catch up with the only Canadian veterans who have just returned from Australia’s ‘Ride To Survive’, which ended in Sydney with the opening of the Invictus Games.


Technical Issues During Canucks’ Record 50/50: Online buyers had a tough time buying tickets for the record draw.


Capilano University Launches Unique Vending Machine: Pick a short, medium or long story!


Canucks Take A Lyft: The Canucks ‘draft’ Lyft as its offical rideshare partner, even though the service is not yet available in Vancouver. Travis Prasad reports.


How To Prevent Another Koi Crisis: Once the otter is caught and the koi are safe, plans will be made to replenish the pond at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden. But Andrea Macpherson is speaking with one expert who thinks that’s a bad idea.