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Wednesday, May 8th 2019

Introducing Baby Sussex!  We get the latest on the new royal baby with Maclean’s royal contributor Patricia Treble.


Meng Wanzhou Back in Court Today: The Huawei exec is expected to learn more about her extradition proceedings.


Luxury Cars Driving Organized Crime: B.C.’s luxury car sector has been used to launder dirty money. Tom Walsh has more on an independent review conducted by a former RCMP officer finds laundering is an issue that’s going beyond casinos in this province.


Intersection Cameras To Catch Speeders: Drivers going through this intersection and many other crossings in the region will want to be extra careful of how fast they’re going.
Travis Prasad reports that’s because automated speed cameras are coming to B.C.


The Latest In Federal Politics: We break down the Nanaimo byelection, analyze the Liberals increasing the child care benefit, and look ahead to the upcoming federal election.


Tech Trends – New Google Products: Our tech expert Mike Yawney showcases Google’s latest smartphone and a robot plant pot that can find sunshine in your home!