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Wednesday, May 29th 2019

The Push For Eco-Friendly Sunscreen: A push is on for eco-friendly sunscreen to help protect the environment. Isabelle Raghem is finding out why we may soon see more of it stocked on store shelves.


How Dirty Money Affects B.C.: Peter German presented his “Dirty Money” report to Vancouver City Council on Tuesday morning. Earlier this month, his provincial report was released, establishing that over $5 billion was laundered through real estate transactions in B.C. last year alone.


Humanity’s Biggest Blind Spots: We speak with Ziya Tong, the author of ‘The Reality Bubble’.


Tech Trends: We head to Calgary and get the latest tech trends from Mike Yawney, including how Alexa is giving Amazon users more flexibility.


Protecting The Western Painted Turtle: The nesting habitat and survival of the Western painted turtle is under constant threat from invasive predators and urbanization. We meet two of the native-to-B.C. turtles and the lead wetlands biologist with Wildlife Preservation Canada.