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Wednesday, March 16th 2016

6:15am Spring Break at Science World:  We head to Science World for an anatomical safari.  ANIMAL INSIDE OUT is a captivating exhibition featuring the biology, zoology and physiology of a variety of the world’s most spectacular creatures, just one of the many very cool things you can do at Science World during Spring Break!

6:15/7:15/8:15am You could win 4 Passes to Science World!

7:40am Blind Beginnings:  A young mother shares her powerful story about being blind and what she is doing to help others with challenges similar to her own.

8:20am Glen Hansman – New BCTF President

8:40am Spring Break Boredom Busters: From DIY Glitter Slime to the homemade and budget friendly Boredom Jar sure to please and engage the kids in need of some Spring break activities. DIY expert Karla Dreyer returns!