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Wednesday, April 24th 2019

Keeping Female Realtors Safe: A warning has been issued to female realtors in Greater Vancouver after reports of a strange man trying to meet with them alone. Andrea Macpherson explains.


LQBTQ2-Themed Loonie Minted: Not everyone is impressed by the colourful new coin.


41% Of People Have Had Lunches Stolen By Co-Workers: Ever had your lunch stolen by a co-worker? Ashley Burr tells us a new survey suggests 41% of us have!


Autism Training For First Responders: Not every call needs handcuffs. Port Moody Police receive Autism Training through the Canucks Autism Network.


Creating Canadian Content: Much of what we see on the big screen is created in Canada. BT Tech Specialist, Mike Yawney explores a Vancouver company specializing in special effects.


‘Mason’s Ocean’: Meet an incredible 11-year-old boy who is inspiring people to recycle.