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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Officiating 101
~6:40 – Whether you have always wondered what it takes to become an official or you have been watching the playoffs and want to learn more about the rules of ice hockey, we get an officiating 101.

Kirk McLean
~7:40 -The morning after Game 4 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. We get playoff analysis from Captain Kirk!

O.W.L Open House: Meet the birds!
~8:20 -Every year, the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society looks after some 400 birds of prey. We meet three of its feathered residents, ahead of this weekend’s fundraiser and open house.

What Makes You Happy?
~8:40 -On the heels of a happiness survey that finds people in Vancouver to be the least content in the country, the man behind ‘The Happy Show’ opening soon at the Museum of Vancouver, reveals how to create more happiness in your life.