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Wednesday, April 20th 2016

7:40am Actress Sally Field: Oscar-winning actress Sally Field joins us live from L.A. to talk about her quirky romantic comedy ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’.

8:10am Daily Download:  IMAX is looking to re-invent itself and it has nothing to do with movies.  That story plus a mattress that can notify you if it thinks your partner is cheating on you.

8:20am Comedian & TV Star Jessica Holmes:  She’s busier than ever! We catch up with comedian and actress Jessica Holmes to chat her latest projects, including a new comedy special and book.

8:40am Spruce up your space for Spring:  Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall stops by with the latest spring décor and design trends that will add a little oomph to your space, inside and out.