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Tuesday, September 10th, 2019


Ron MacLean and Tara Sloane

Rogers Hometown Hockey Returns: Ron MacLean and Tara Sloane detail the upcoming sixth season of Rogers Hometown Hockey. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/rogers-hometown-hockey-returns-2/


Joannah Connolly 

Housing Market Trends: Joannah Connolly breaks down the summer home sales numbers and how they are bucking the recent B.C. trends. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/housing-market-trends/


Sarah ‘Aloe Gal’ Shore

Picking Plants for your personality: Sarah ‘Aloe Gal’ Shore joins us with expert tips on picking the proper indoor plant for your lifestyle and personality. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/picking-plants-for-your-personality/