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Tuesday, November 24th 2015

720am – DIY Ramen Noodles! We show you how you can make your own slurp-able noodles from the comfort of your own home.

750am- Holiday Smoothie Secrets: Nutritionist Alyssa Bauman is whipping up healthy and tasty smoothies to get you feeling your most fabulous this holiday season.

820am – Fight That Nasty Cold/Flu: Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos drops by for a BT house call! She shows off her best natural remedies to fight that nasty cold or flu ahead of winter.

850am – Holiday Bagel Time: Who’s ready for a holiday bagel?  Chef Julian Bond & Dempsters present the perfect snack for you or you guests! Check out these great recipes below.

recipes3 recipes2recipes4