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Tuesday, May 7th 2019

Housing Crisis Hitting Pets Too: A woman who operates a local dog rescue organization says her group is overwhelmed with the amount of canines being surrendered to her group. David Zura is finding out if there is a link to a lack of pet-friendly housing in Metro Vancouver?


Funding Mental Health & Addiction Services In Canada: We learn about the ‘A Dollar A Day’ Foundation and how you can help fund mental health and addiction services in Canada.


Will Stroet Celebrates 10 Years Of Music: We chat with local children’s entertainer Will Stroet, and his wife and manager Kim Thé, about family music being a family affair.


Is High School Rugby Under Threat In Canada?  High school rugby games are still being played in Nova Scotia, though the province’s athletic foundation tried to ban the sport. We turn to Patrick Johnston for an explanation and catch up with BC School Sports to understand the situation.


Choosing Water Wise Plants: Watering restrictions began May 1. The weather forecast looks hot and dry. What is a gardener to do? Phoenix Perennials joins us with plants that can and can’t handle drought conditions.