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Tuesday, May 21st 2019

Raptors Host Bucks For Game Four: Sportsnet 650’s James Cybulski looks ahead to tonight’s big game.


Protest Over West Van Stormwater Project: Plan would link the British Properties to the ocean with new infrastructure.


Highway Home Halts Construction: Stuck in the middle of the highway. Tom Walsh tells us the biggest obstacle to a multimillion dollar highway project being completed is a 64 year old woman who isn’t ready to leave, just yet.


Vancouver Aquarium’s Lawsuit Draws Protesters: Protesters gathered outside the Vancouver Aquarium Monday to fight what they call a “greedy lawsuit” by the facility. It’s suing the city and Park Board over money lost after a now two-year-old cetacean ban. Ashley Burr has more.


Fight Against Birth Tourism: Richmond Hospital is at the forefront of a growing industry in Canada. But one MP for Steveston –Richmond East says it isn’t something to celebrate. Isabelle Raghem tells us he’s referring to the growing number of pregnant foreigners coming to Canada to give birth so their child is granted automatic citizenship.


What You Need To Know About Drone Regulations: New drone regulations come into effect June 1st. What do you need to know? Find out when Ryan Morasiewicz, Senior Counsel at MLT Aikins and Chair of the first practice area dedicated to the outdoor/adventure industry in Canada, joins us on BT.


Backyard Beekeeping Basics: Are you interested in starting your own bee colony? We get a lesson in beekeeping in your own backyard.