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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter’s Most Wanted Bunnies
6:40 -Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. See what it takes to make some of your favourite Easter treats when we get a tour of the Purdys factory.

Athlete of the Week
7:40 -There were times she couldn’t run at all. Many thought she should quit. Now she is one of the best middle distance runners in the NCAA. SFU’s Jennifer Johnson is our Athlete of the Week.

Robots Ready for VEX World Championships
8:20 -One of the world’s best VEX IQ Challenge Middle School teams hails from Richmond. The team will show off its sophisticated robots ahead of the VEX Worlds.

Terry Fox 35th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope
8:40 -On Sunday April 12th it will be the 35 years ago that Terry Fox started his Marathon of Hope. He trained for it in the Tri-Cities and this weekend, everyone will know the route he ran over and over again.