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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gardening Tips: How to Divide Plants & the Hottest New Perennials & Edibles for 2015
6:40 – Spring has sprung! We go behind the scenes at Phoenix Perennials and show you how to divide plants and introduce you to the hottest new perennials and edibles for 2015.

AOTW Aimee Brennan
7:10 – Her mom calls it “Aimee’s World.” Swimming is only part of it, but it’s a big part for Aimee Brennan and it hasn’t been easy. Aimee is our Athlete of the Week.

Captain Kirk!
7:40 -Ahead of the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon on Sportsnet we meet Youth Host Suneil Samra and his sidekick Kirk McLean. The pair share the importance of this organization as it supports children’s charities in our province.

Sit down with Strombo & Scott Oake!
8:20 -How’s Strombo settling into his new Hockey Night in Canada role? What’s behind his evolving wardrobe selection, plus, Scott Oake’s unique microphone management, and do they think the Canucks will make the playoffs? We’ll put your burning hockey questions to the pair here for the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon.

B.C.’s Auditor General for Local Government Won’t Go Quietly
8:40 – Basia Ruta has been dismissed. But the auditor general for local government won’t go without a fight. OMNI political analyst Kim Emerson weighs in on the expected fallout for government and what Ruta plans to do about her dismissal.