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Tuesday, March 19th 2019

Final Day Of Winter Brings Swimmers To Kits Beach: Greg Harper reports on record high temperatures and a hint of what’s to come this spring and summer.


Trans Mountain Pipeline Back in Court: The province is asking if we can regulate the amount of oil coming through B.C.


Nationwide ‘Visit A Mosque’ Campaign Launches: Imam Tariq Azeem, from Delta’s Baitur Rahman Mosque, launches the “visit a mosque” campaign across Canada to fight Islamophobia and promote understanding through education — breaking down cultural barriers by inviting the community in.


Rent-to-Own Lottery in Port Moody: Around 200 homeowner hopefuls enter a unique draw.


Hyundai Nexo Makes Its National Debut In Vancouver: Hyundai Nexo: The Hyundai Nexo is making its national debut in Vancouver. From how the technology works to the Remote Smart Parking Assist, we take a closer look at Canada’s only fuel cell powered SUV.


The Good Gut Health Game: Many Canadians are aware that probiotics, “good bacteria” found in a variety of foods and natural health supplements, are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but a recent survey conducted by Progressive Nutritional has revealed that consumers are confused about where probiotics come from, what their benefits are, and the amount they need to consume for optimal health.