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Tuesday, July 31st 2018

Vancouver Pride Week Boosts Business In The West End: Businesses in Vancouver’s West End are preparing to cash in this week as Pride Week brings an influx of people to the neighbourhood.


Concerns Downtown Vancouver Park Becoming Tent City: A Vancouver resident is worried Emery Barnes Park in Yaletown is becoming a tent city. She says there’s been increased drug use, trash, and people sleeping in the park.


Catching Up With Vancouver’s Duck Lady: You may have seen Laura-Kay Prophet walking around town with her nine ducks. Isabelle Raghem finds out how the duck tale began.


8:20am Responsible Bird Feeding Tips: The BC SPCA says feeding birds is so unhealthy it now considers it indirect animal cruelty. The organization’s Chief Scientific Officer explains the magnitude of the problem, what the consequences are for birds, and how people can help them, not hurt them.


8:40am Hot Weather Fire Hazards: The hot summer weather makes for dangerous fire conditions in B.C. We look at some of the common hazards this time of year.