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Wednesday July 30, 2014

Fighting Odours with Jane Lynch!
6:40 – Actress Jane Lynch shares tips on how to combat a common plague in Canada – household odours!

Behind-the-scenes on the Celebration of Light fireworks barge
7:20 – How do you create and execute a world-class pyro-musical performance? We take you behind the scenes on the Celebration of Light fireworks barge as Team France prepares for Wednesday’s performance.

Fear of Flying
7:40 – Do you have a fear of flying? We get some helpful tips on how to overcome your emotions before you get on a plane.

Summer Cocktails
8:20 – Beat the heat with a beverage – West Restaurant’s bar manager David Wolowidnyk shares tips on creating the perfect summer cocktail.

Summer Style
8:40 – Don’t take your foot off the fashion gas pedal! Even though it’s mid-summer there’s still plenty to get excited about with warm weather threads with Chatelaine’s Susie Wall!