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Tuesday July 22, 2014

Young Lifesavers Learn How To Stay Safe And Respond To An Aquatic Emergency
6:40 – It’s all about fun, fitness, first aid, water safety, and leadership. We visit the Jr. Lifeguard Camp and get a lesson in the skills young lifesavers need to stay safe and respond to an aquatic emergency.

AOTW Jonathan MacDonald
7:40 – He is full of energy and what he brings to his softball team is contagious. Special Olympian, Jonathan MacDonald is our Athlete of the Week.

Reaction to five hour delays on Skytrain
8:10 – The SFU Director of The City Program Gord Price says no system is 100 per cent, in response to the five hour delays on Skytrain yesterday. This is the second time commuters have been stranded on the system in less than a week.

Summer Weather Safety 101
8:20 -How to soak up the Vitamin D without exposing yourself to too much sun. Dr Yvette Lu helps us enjoy the summer weather safely.