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Tuesday, Jan 30th 2018

7:40am An Undercover Mission that reveals high school today: In the new docuseries ‘Undercover High’, Shane Feldman goes back to high school, embedded as a teen, to uncover what life is really like for a public high school student today.


8:20am Super Blue Total Lunar Eclipse – What You Need To Know: The hours before sunrise on January 31 will offer a rare treat for North American skywatchers…a chance to witness a “super blue total lunar eclipse”.  To help you prepare for this celestial phenomenon, Astronomer Derek Kief joins us in the BT studio!


 8:40am Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves:  Ahead of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we talk to two women on the frontlines.  One has battled anorexia nervosa and is now a nurse & patient advocate and another is a psychiatrist and eating disorder specialist.  They join us to talk about finding hope and help.