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Tuesday, December 4th 2018

Mother Shaken After Finding Missing Glass In Burnaby High Rise: Imagine stepping out onto a balcony on the 31st floor, and one of the glass panels between you and the approximately 400 feet below, is missing. Ashley Burr has the story of the Burnaby mother who says she’s still shaken by the experience.


Compass Wristbands Sellout, Being Resold Online: The demand is so high for the sold out $6 compass card wristbands that some people have taken to Craigslist, asking as much as $150. Isabelle Raghem has the story.


Grocery Prices Expected To Jump In 2019: A new study suggests the average family will pay around $411 more next year.


Curious About Koi?  Extra special care has been given to the decorative koi left at the Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown. To protect them from the maw of a crafty otter, the remaining fish, including dozens of juveniles, have been moved to the Vancouver Aquarium. We chat with a biologist about the reasons many people connect with these eye-catching fish and why they are so colourful.


How To Be Bear Aware: Wildsafe B.C.’s Dan Mikolay explains what to do when you encounter a bear and why some of the animals may not actually be hibernating during the colder weather.


Amazon Holiday Gift Ideas: Looking for gift ideas? Amazon shows us how to take the guesswork out of gifting!