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Tuesday, August 30th 2016

7:40am Hastings Community Little League: They are back from the Little League World Series! We welcome the Hastings Community players back from their big trip.

Hastings Community Little League Returns From The World Series

8:20am Silver Medalist and Author Krista Guloien: How to manage the transition of life after sport Olympic Silver Medalist Krista Guloien sheds light on the mental health struggles athletes face once the endorphin’s fade in her new book “Beyond the Finish Line”.

How To Embrace What’s Next: One Silver Medalist Has This Life Advice.

8:40am On trend, practical and irresistibly cute! We check out kids fall fashion trends for back to school with lifestyle expert Liv Judd.

How To Get Your Kids Dressed In A Practical/Fashionable Way Before They Head Back To Class