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Thursday, September 13th 2018

Surrey RCMP Looking For Missing Family: There is still no sign of a missing family of four from Surrey. Travis Prasad with the latest.


Massive Fire In Langley Continues To Burn: A large fire at a wood recycling facility is still burning, 3 days after it ignited. Greg Harper has more from Langley.


How To Keep Cats Safe With ‘Catio’ Spaces: The SPCA is holding a contest and the prize is a safe play space for your pet.


Community Engagement With Delta Police: Local policing relies heavily on patrol vehicles. But happens when crime occurs in areas where cars can’t get to? Thor Diakow heads to Tsawwassen to learn about a new approach in law enforcement.


The Legacy Of Terry Fox: He was a close friend of Terry Fox and played a vital role with The Marathon Of Hope. Bill Vigars takes a walk down memory lane with us as we near the 38th annual Terry Fox Run on Sunday.


Wigs For Sick Kids: Meet the inspiring brothers who have decided to cut their hair to make wigs for sick kids.


Mastering The World Of Darts: This Chilliwack 18-year-old won at the Canadian Youth Nationals and is now getting ready to head to England for the World Masters…we are happy to welcome Josh Wood to the show.