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Thursday October 23, 2014

New Normal for Canada
“We will not be intimidated as Canadians”. All things resume on Parliament Hill this morning after yesterday’s tragic events. Tom Hayes reports LIVE from Ottawa with the latest.

Ebola versus the Flu
7:40 -As global attention shifts to Ebola, Dr. Yvette Lu tells us what we should be really concerned about here at home, is the flu.

How Safe is Victoria’s Parliament?
OMNI Political Analyst Kim Emerson LIVE from Victoria with the changes that need to be implemented in Victoria after the Ottawa shootings around Parliament Hill yesterday.

How does yesterday’s shootings in Ottawa change our world in terms of security? LIVE now on BT, computer and security expert Dr. Thomas Keenan looks at Canada’s safety measures.

Chin Injeti
8:45 – Grammy-winning singer, musician and producer Chin Injeti shares his unique story and how ‘Music Heals’ is benefiting kids through music therapy.