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Thursday June 6th, 2019

A desperate plea for help: The mother of a missing Coquitlam man is hoping her son will be found. Ashley Burr explains. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/a-desperate-plea-for-help/

A closer look at the price of gas: As David Zura explains, the price during the day is often different than what we pay at night. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/a-closer-look-at-the-price-of-gas

Reducing Food Waste: Sixty percent of food is either lost or wasted in Canada. Chelsea Donaghy and Megan Lacoste from Sodexo join Riaz in studio to talk about how their company is working to reduce to food waste. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/reducing-food-waste/