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Thursday, June 25th 2015

7:20 Learning How To Operate Drones Safely:  We go to drone school and find out what you need to know to operate these unmanned aerial vehicles safely and why.

7:40 Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer: The new VPD boss lays out what he sees as the biggest items on the agenda for his city and his force.

8:20 The importance of a good night’s sleep: Dr Yvette Lu joins us for a discussion on why good sleep is important, how much you should get, how you can look for sleep solutions and why it’s so important in disease prevention.

8:40 Nature Crafts: Today’s Parent correspondent Tina Barkley shows us how to entertain the kids with stuff they can make in Nature, plus a few great Canada Day crafts, and an irresistible twist on Smores