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Thursday December 18, 2014

News1130 & BT charity drive for A Loving Spoonful
6:40 – We join News1130 at A Loving Spoonful for a charity drive to raise money and non-perishable food items for people with HIV/AIDS. You can drop off your donation between 6AM and 10AM at 1449 Powell Street.

SFU Expert reacts to “The Interview” pulled.
7:40 – SFU Communications Expert Peter Chow-White reacts to Sony deciding to pull the move “The Interview” from theatres.  Many people say this move is a freedom of speech violation.

How to Spend Wisely this Holiday Season
8:20 -From the temptation that comes with online shopping to truly pricing out DIY, trustee Blair Mantin helps us enforce good spending habits this holiday season.