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Thursday. August 4th 2016

7:40am It is a “Field of Dreams”.  The Blue Jays and Hastings Community Little League will unveil the newly refurbished baseball field at Hastings Community Park today (August 4) as they get ready to host the 2016 Little League Canadian Championship.  What does it mean for baseball in Vancouver? We find out.

A ‘Field Of Dreams’ Unveiled For Local Little Leaguer’s AND The Blue Jays!

8:20am Sun Safety Myths Debunked: Should you seek cloud or find yourself some shade? How much is enough sunscreen? Plus, how a sunburn today will show up on your skin tomorrow. Family Physician Dr. Yvette Lu brings us her best sun safety tips.

Sun Safety Myths Debunked!

8:40am In the lead-up to the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics, Ache Brasil shares the arts and culture of Brazil with some capoeira and samba dancing!

Samba AND Capoeira! We’re Bringing A Bit Of Rio To BT!