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Thursday August 21, 2014

Cafe Medina: From the Perfect Poached Egg to Waffles
6:40 -It is one of the best breakfast spots in the city. We get a lesson in preparing everything from the perfect poached egg to waffles when we visit Café Medina at their brand new location.

Legislate the Teachers Back-to-Work?
Education Minister Peter Fassbender sits down with BT to have a candid conversation about where things are at with the Teachers’ strike.

Willie Mitchell
7:40 – Not a bad off season when you get to spend some time with the Stanley Cup. Two time Stanley Cup winner and B-C boy Willie Mitchell is stopping by. He is gearing up for this year’s Fishing For Kids Tournament, plus his first season with the Florida Panthers.

September Resolutions
8:20 -New season, new you. From lemons, water, nuts and runners, Naturopathic doctor Penny Kendall-Reed helps kick start your lifestyle for fall.

Men’s Health
8:40 -The doctor’s list of men’s health issues: Dr Paul Gross highlights what the fellas in your life should pay most attention to ahead of the DUDES Club & Health Fair.