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Show Notes

Wed, Mar 14th 2018

6:40am Spencer West & WE Walk for Water: Ahead of World Water Day, the man who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on his hands and wheelchair, joins us with an important new initiative aimed at getting clean water to 50,000 people in developing communities. How you can help alleviate the world water crisis.


8:20am The Value Of Venture Philanthropy: He’s launched over 40 start-ups, in 24 different countries, generating over $100 million in sales. We talk to Shafin Diamond Tejani about his latest example of “venture philanthropy”.


8:40am Meal Planning Tips: It can help you save money, eat better and reduce food waste. We get a beginner’s guide to meal planning!




Tuesday, Mar 13th 2018

8:20am Red Cross Workers return from Myanmar: We speak with Canadian Aid Workers home from helping respond to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar where conditions are getting worse as thousands of people run from the violence, seeking safety in Bangladesh.

The Faces Of Humanity

8:40am Spring Cleaning Hacks! A designer’s best tips and tricks to help take spring cleaning to a whole new level with expert Karla Dreyer.

Spring Cleaning Hacks!

Monday, Mar 12th 2018

7:40am Adjusting to the Time Change:  Family Physician Yvette Lu helps us cope with losing an hour as we transition into Daylight Saving time.


8:20am Distracted driving & fast cars: We chat with Chief Len Goerke from West Vancouver Police about the top policing issues in his community.


8:40am Hair Food:  You pay careful attention to how you fuel and nourish your body – why treat your hair any differently?  Lifestyle expert Sabrina Maddeax shows us how to nourish your hair with hair food.


Friday, Mar 9th 2018

7:20am How To Sit Ski! Just in time for the 2018 Paralympics, we learn how to sit ski on Grouse Mountain.


7:40am Intro To Reptiles: Thinking of a reptile as a pet? Everything you need to know about caring for these special creatures.


8:20am Comedian Nikki Glaser: Comedian Nikki Glaser returns to BT to chat about her latest JFL NorthWest tour.


8:40am Spring Travel Essentials: Ahead of Spring Break, Style Expert Susie Wall shares her Joe Fresh Spring Travel essentials.

Web: www.joefresh.com – use Promo Code JFSPRING for 25% off regular priced items until March 30th



Thursday, Mar 8th 2018

7:40am Women in Sport: Olympian Lynn Kanuka may be best known for the story behind her bronze medal performance at the Los Angeles Olympic games in 1984. On International Women’s Day, she shares the story of her rise to the top as a female Canadian athlete – from the challenges to the inspiration.


8:20am Women In The Workplace:  How long will it take to get gender equality in the workplace?  What do we need to do to make it happen?  On International Women’s Day, HR Expert Debby Carreau joins us to discuss women in the workplace.


8:40am Women In Leadership: She is the University of the Fraser Valley’s first female President.  On International Women’s Day we talk to Dr. Joanne MacLean about her career and path to leadership.


Wednesday, Mar 7th 2018

740: What is next for the Canucks? With the injury to Brock Boeser and the regular season winding down, Jawn Jang from Sportsnet 650 shares his thoughts on what the club needs to do.


820: How to make the most of your walk with your dog! We chat with the BC SPCA to explain why your dog like to pull & how to correct it!


840: Rugby 7’s returns to BC Place this weekend! How Team Canada is sizing up the competition. Catch our chat with two Rugby Canada players.




Tuesday, Mar 6th 2018

820am Puppy Trainers Wanted! How you can help raise a puppy who will grow up to be a guide dog and provide life-changing support to the blind and visually impaired. Everything you need to know about becoming a volunteer puppy raiser with B.C. and Alberta Guide Dogs.


840am: 2018 Health Trends: Useful or Useless? There are no shortage of health and wellness trends that have emerged in the early months of 2018. City health expert Bryce Wylde, joins us to “debunk the junk” and tell us what is “useful” or “useless” when it comes to nutrition and natural health products.


Monday, Mar 5th 2018

7:40am Oscars Fashion Recap:  Style Blogger Samantha Sito gives us her take on the fashions of the Oscars.  Will you agree?  Find out when she tells us who she thinks nailed their look and who missed the mark.


8:20am How To Inject Personality Into Your Home: Looking to inject a little more fun and personality into your home, but don’t know how?  Cityline’s DIY Expert Leigh-ann is here to show us how adding a splash of humour in your can also keep you on trend.


8:40am Tips On How To Get Good Gut Health:  Your gut bacteria plays a huge part in the strength of your immune system and overall health.  Find out how Jamieson’s Vitamin D, Omega 3s, multivitamins and probiotics can help improve your immunity when Registered Dietitian Diana Steele joins us in the BT studios.


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