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Show Notes

Tuesday, Sept 12th 2017

8:20am Get A Smile And Give A Smile: Find out how purchasing a Smile Cookie at participating Tim Hortons locations helps local charities like the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation!


8:40am Household Hacks: Why the best way to cut cake doesn’t involve a knife and how you can fold a fitted sheet. DIY Expert Karla Dreyer shares household hacks.


Friday, Sept 8th 2017

8:20am The Signs & Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer:  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  Do you know the signs?  Risk factors?  We talk to an ovarian cancer survivor and a Gynecologic Oncologist ahead of the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.

8:40am Tips For Making Your Newly Adopted Cat Feel At Home: You’ve adopted your new cat or kitten and are bringing them home for the first time.  What you need to do that first week to make your new member of the family comfortable in their new home.

Thursday, Sept 7th 2017

8:40am How to Make Healthy Habits Stick: When’s the last time you took a nature bath? Global Wellness Coach Catherine Roscoe Barr introduces us to the powerful practice and shares her best tips to help start the new school year with some healthy new habits.

8:20am World Suicide Prevention Day: We are joined by a BC Children’s Hospital psychiatrist and expert on suicide who shares tips for parents on how to talk to young people about suicide, signs of suicidal/distressed thinking and resources available to get help.

Wednesday, Sept 6th 2017

7:40am What does an interest rate hike mean for your bottom line?  We find how it affects everything from your mortgage to your line of credit.

8:20am Ahead of the Luxury & Supercar Weekend we check out a Lotus, Lamborghini and Vintage Porsche here at the BT Studios!

8:40am Three-time Grey Cup Champion, Geroy Simon joins us on the show tomorrow to talk about how to make the most of an opportunity and living a healthy and active lifestyle ahead of the Global Energy Race in Richmond.

Tuesday, September 5th 2017

8:20am How to save for your child’s education: How monthly contributions from your child’s birth can add up, and if you don’t make those? Money expert Lesley Anne Scorgie has the innovative ways to come up with the cash to send your child to school beyond grade 12.

8:40am Yoga for Beginners: Ready to tap into the health benefits of yoga? Too shy to hit your local studio? Don’t think your flexible enough? Teacher Molly Warner shows us the key poses that will get you through any class, and helps you figure out which class is right for you.

Friday, Sept 1st 2017

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Thor drops the Hammers on ‘Patti Cakes’, a coming-of-age tale about an aspiring female hip-hop artist that made a big splash at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

8:40am Back-to-school: Post Secondary Cooking Tips & Tricks:  Chef Julian Bond show us how to make 3 easy, one pot dinners that are nutritious, delicious and don’t cost a fortune!

Thursday, Aug 31st 2017

8:20am Why Kids Need Risk, Fear and Excitement in play:  From exploring their neighbourhood to climbing trees, Dr. Mariana Brussoni discusses the importance of “risky” play and what it gives our children.


8:40am Dorm Room Design on a Dime: From a DIY headboard to organizing your dorm room to make the best use of a small space, Design Expert Karla Dreyer brings her best, frugal tips – sourcing most of her items from the thrift store!

Wednesday, Aug 30th 2017

Saving time at the grocery store with Click & Collect! We check out these new tips and tricks at the Real Canadian Superstore and learn how you can save time and energy the next time you plan your big shop!


8:20am Proper Etiquette When Posting Pictures Of Kids: Do you need a parent’s permission before you post a picture of their child online? Should you be asking your child’s permission before posting a photo of them on social media? Parenting expert Brandy Wiebe weighs in on the tricky world of online picture etiquette when it comes to kids.


8:40am Hot Right Now! What You Need To Know About Bourbon:  Bourbon has never been hotter.  We take a look at the basics of this American spirit and how it differs from American whiskey and rye.


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