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Show Notes

Thursday, May 17th 2018

8:20am: Summer road trip season is about to get underway! We check out some B.C. getaways that may just take you off the road well traveled.


8:40am Creating the Perfect Patio:  Patio season is here! Our friends at BT Toronto have some great ideas on how you can create an outdoor oasis.


Wednesday, May 16th 2018

7:40am Weaponization of Culture : Ahead of his ‘Weaponization of Culture’ presentation in Vancouver, MSNBC Host Ali Velshi explores how cultural identities are becoming political weapons in America and what we can do about it.


8:40am Grilling Tips & Recipes: We get grilling tips from Grill Master Michael P. Clive, as he shows us how to prepare rosemary-dijon lamb chops, grilled carrots with spiced butter, new potato salad with bacon and onions and fruit crumble all on your grill!


Tuesday, May 15th 2018

7:15am PC Garden Centre Makeover:  Get inspired!  The Kimount Boys & Girls Club garden needed a makeover & the PC Garden Centre brought loads of flowers, edibles and volunteers to do just that!  Watch as they, with the help of the boys and girls from the Kimount Club, transform the garden.


7:40am Three-Dog Nights: The Search And Rescue Of Annette Poitras: true story of how one woman and three dogs disappeared in the Coquitlam woods, and how they survived for two nights in the pouring November rain. Annette’s story is now a book, with partial proceeds supporting Coquitlam Search and Rescue.


8:20am How To Market Your Home For Sale So You Get Top Dollar: Real Estate Expert Leo Wilk shows us the difference between good marketing and bad, and what that can mean to your bottom line.


8:40am GM OnStar Canada:  We find out how the GM OnStar in-vehicle safety and security technology can help you in an emergency and talk live with a GM OnStar Advisor about his most memorable call



Monday, May 14th 2018

7:20am A Dream Come True For A 12 Year Old ‘Pink’ Fan: We check in with the Victoria Anthony who sang on stage with Pink at Rogers Arena!


7:40am Dancing ‘Like’ The Stars: Athletes Edition With Ty Ronning! Dancing with the Stars continues tonight on City! We learn ‘Street Jazz’ with Ty Ronning.


8:20am The Future Of Canada’s Armed Forces: We talk with former NATO general & author David Fraser about Canada’s future as a peacekeeping nation.


8:40am Reducing the Risk of Skin Cancer: Today is World Melanoma Day. Dr. Jason Rivers, Dermatologist and Founder, Riversol Skincare, talks to us about reducing the risk of skin cancer and what makes the sunscreen he has created, different.


Friday, May 11th 2018

7:40am Thor’s Hammers: Melissa McCarthy heads back to college in a brand new comedy. Thor drops the Hammers on ‘Life of the Party’.


8:20am The science of Lava! We learn all about lava plus we get a preview of Canada’s biggest science and engineering festival, Science Rendezvous.


8:40am The Science Of Superconductivity: Watch a levitating train track demonstration! We get a preview of Canada’s biggest science and engineering festival, Science Rendezvous.


Thursday, May 10th 2018

7:40am: What’s it like to coach a rising star? Who would we be without our coaches? Ari Mellios with the North Delta Blue Jays coached James Paxton when he was just a teen.


8:20am DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Gifts the whole family can make that become treasures Mom will cherish. Thoughtful, easy, homemade Mother’s Day gifts with a personal touch courtesy of design expert Karla Dreyer.


8:40am Eating Local In The Fraser Valley: We are in the kitchen cooking with Angie Quaale!  On the menu is Cheesy Beer Quick Bread, one of the more than 70 locally inspired recipes from her first book Eating Local in the Fraser Valley, a food lovers guide to all that this region has to offer.


Wednesday, May 9th 2018

8:20am Can the Vancouver housing crisis be funny? Author and comedian Charles Demers thinks so. He returns to BT and chats about his brand new darkly funny crime novel ‘Property Values.’


8:40am Ready for cycle season! Whether you are training for a triathlon or biking to and from work, Chris Smith from Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club has some great tips to get you “ride ready”.


Tuesday, May 8th 2018

7:40am These teachers have just returned from Ottawa where they received the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.  We talk to Walnut Grove Secondary’s Tim Stephenson and Kitsilano Secondary’s Craig Brumwell about the honour.


8:20am This 60+ Instagram star shares her inspiring point of view about aging. Suzi Grant sits down on the BT couch!


8:40am It is Emergency Preparedness Week. Find out what concrete actions you can take today to make sure you and your family are prepared in the case of an emergency with the City Of Vancouver’s Emergency Planner.



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