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Show Notes

Wednesday, October 24th 2018

Whale Watching Boat Rescue Off Vancouver: Some terrifying moments on board a whale watching tour needing to be rescued in the waters off of Bowen Island. Travis Prasad reports.


Keeping Kids Away From Cannabis This Halloween: While emergency responders are always concerned about road-safety, fireworks and other injuries to trick-or-treaters, this Halloween, Andrea Macpherson tells us, they are paying extra close attention to cannabis ending up in your little ones stash.


Bank Of Canada Raises Interest Rate: How will today’s Bank of Canada interest rate hike affect your mortgage, line of credit, and general financial picture? We check in with Katy Mackenzie.


Vancouver Canadians Games on Sportsnet 650: Big news for Vancouver Canadians fans, games are about to be broadcast on SportsNet 650 this summer!


Cold Weather Power Saving Tips: With the cold weather fast approaching, we get some handy power saving tips from BC Hydro.


Apps & Sites That Help You Sleep:  Are you having trouble falling asleep? Tech journalist Akash Sablok joins us with apps and sites that can help.



Tuesday, October 23rd 2018

Vancouver’s Next Mayor Kennedy Stewart: How does he plan to build consensus on a politically diverse city council?Vancouver’s new mayor, Kennedy Stewart, joins us.


Empire Landmark Demolition: How do you tear down something so large in such a built-up neighbourhood? Tom Walsh finds out!


The Only Woman Directing NHL Games: A profile of Rose Mirakian-Wheeler, NESN Coordinating Director.


Halloween Safety: With Halloween fast approaching, Vancouver Fire & Rescue shares some handy tips to help keep you and your family safe on the streets.


Fighting The Fat Stigma: Layla Cameron has been awarded for provoking controversy. In her latest project, the director the Fat Hiking Club explores what it means to be fat and active in Vancouver.


Regular Canadians Enjoying Weed: They’re just two regular Canadians who enjoy weed. The highly funny cousins, Kass Martin and Honeylyn Lisson, share their enjoyment on YouTube and in one segment also invite their Baba to partake.




Monday, October 20th 2018

Malcolm Brodie Talks Massey Tunnel: Richmond’s mayor is speaking to NEWS 1130’s Martin MacMahon after being re-elected.


Sweeping Changes At Vancouver City Hall: A look at the make-up of the new city council.


Tricycle Turns Heads: This 89-year-old not only has a cool ride, it’s also electric.


Getting Your Pet Ready For Baby: What special care can you take to prepare your pets for a new baby?


Making Sense Of Electoral Reform: Electoral packages will begin to arriving today at households in B.C. The 2018 Referendum on Electoral Reform will ask eligible voters two questions.


Top Mistakes Real Estate Sellers Make: Make these mistakes and you may not get top dollar for your place. Realtor Leo Wilk shares the three most common mistakes sellers make, and his three best tips for buyers.




Friday, October 19th 2018

Vandals Cut Down Power Poles With Chainsaw in Port Coquitlam: Three power poles have been cut down with a chainsaw in Port Coquitlam. Travis Prasad tells us this act of vandalism could have been deadly.


Drive to Recruit Bus Operators: Coast Mountain Bus Company has a problem, with more and more routes being added across the city, there’s not enough drivers to meet demand. Tom Walsh learns if he has what it takes to help fill the void!


What matters in White Rock? Andrea Macpherson looks into the main issues affecting that community ahead of the civic election.


Deadly Shooting In Abbotsford: As Simon Druker explains, homicide investigators believe this is another targeted hit.


Empathy & Understanding Pregnancy: Attention first-time parents! With only a month to go before Baby Meghji arrives, Baby Prep Canada breaks out the empathy belly for Riaz to help him understand the challenges of pregnancy and how to navigate the first months post-birth.


Thor’s Hammers: ‘Halloween’ & ‘Beautiful Boy’: Thor reviews the brand new horror thriller ‘Halloween’ with Jamie Lee Curtis and drops the hammers on the family drama ‘Beautiful Boy’.


Previewing The Municipal Elections: Urban studies professor Meg Holden breaks down the key issues facing voters ahead of Greater Vancouver’s municipal elections.




Thursday, October 18th 2018

Pot Protestors in Downtown Vancouver: Things got heated at a pot protest in Downtown Vancouver on the first day of legalization. Tom Walsh reports.


What Matters In The Tri-Cities: Greg Harper looks at the hot button topics in Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam.


Youtube Show On Pot Smoking: We check in with two cousins from Victoria who launch their own Youtube show on smoking pot in Canada. Greg Harper reports.


Kenya’s Only Ice Hockey Team Comes To Canada: The Captain of Kenya’s only ice hockey team shares the story of their incredible journey to Canada and their first game played against another team.

ShakeoutBC Day: Today is the Great British Columbia Shakeout! We get ready with drop, cover and hold on drills and find out what you need to have in your emergency kit.
Putting the ‘Fun’ In Functional Design: Cityline DIY Expert Leigh-ann Allaire Perrault shows us how she put the “fun” in functional when she re-designed her son’s bedroom. See the transformation and find out how she did it for under $600!

Wednesday, October 17th 2018

First Person To Legally Buy Pot In B.C.: We speak to the woman at the front of the line at the new Cannabis Store in Kamloops.


Pot Protests Planned for Vancouver Art Gallery: Downtown will be bustling with those for and opposed to cannabis legalization.


Pot At The Airport: If you are flying internationally, leave your pot at home! Kyle Donaldson explains.


What Matters Most In Vancouver: Ahead of the civic election, we find out the key priorities in Vancouver. Mary Cranston reports.


Cannabis Law: What’s Legal Now: What’s 30 grams of weed? It’s what you’re now allowed to carry, but what does that look like? What about 1,000 grams? You can have that much at home, but just how much is that? Cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Damian Kettlewell shows us what’s legal.


Grow Your Own Pot Plants: How to grow your four legal cannabis plants. Nextleaf Labs president Tom Ulanowski shares all the tips you’ll need plus looks at essential equipment.



Tuesday, October 16th 2018

Winning Without Pettersson: Canucks fans are polarized over what happened in Florida after rookie sensation Elias Pettersson was driven against the boards and slammed into the ice. He has a concussion. No penalty was called on the play, but on Monday the NHL suspended Mike Matheson for two games. Was that the right punishment? The Canucks left with a win but did they need to leave a bigger message that no one can mess with their emerging star?


Police Preparing For Cannibis Legalization: Vancouver Police say illegal pot shops won’t be raided anytime soon.


What Matters In West Vancouver: Our coverage of this year’s civic election continues. This time, Greg Harper takes a look at the issues in West Van ahead of election day.


How To Stock Your Thai Pantry: The key ingredients you need to stock your Thai pantry so you can make all your restaurant faves! Pailin Chongchitnant takes us shopping to Vancouver’s only Thai grocery store.


Cold & Flu: Natural Ways To Help Prevent & Treat Them. From why staying hydrated is so important to how Jamieson Vitamin C & D helps support a healthy immune system, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Allana Polo joins us with natural ways to help prevent and treat the cold and flu.


Monday, October 15th 2018

Trevor Linden Talks For First Time Since Leaving Canucks: “The writing was on the wall,” the former president tells Sportsnet 650 in his first interview since parting ways with the NHL club in July. He talks about the violent hit on Elias Pettersson and the role of enforcers in hockey today.


What Matters Most In Richmond: Our Mary Cranston is speaking to Mayor Malcolm Brodie about the coming election.


Vancouver Pot Shops Face Uncertain Future: To operate legally, they’ll need a license and many stores plan on staying open until they’re shut down.


The Vancouver Care Project: Rachel Way is a 17-year-old high school student from Burnaby private school, St. Thomas More, who reaches out to connect with people living a very different life than her in the Downtown Eastside. The Vancouver Care Project brings dignity to people experiencing hardship, homelessness and poverty. All it takes is a little care.


Slow Your Home: We welcome Brooke McAlary, author of ‘Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World’, a timely and practical book offering strategies for adopting one of 2018’s most revolutionary movements: Slow Living.


Common Legal Mistakes Small Businesses Make: October is small business month and today we are talking about some of the most common legal mistakes small businesses make.



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