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Show Notes

Wednesday, January 30th 2019

Nanaimo Heads To The Polls Today: Voters in Nanaimo head to the polls today in a crucial by-election that could change the balance of power in the B.C. Legislature. A victory for the Liberals could lead to an early election. Isabelle Raghem reports.


What You Need To Know About The Speculation Tax: Information about B.C.’s new speculation and vacancy tax is being mailed to home-owners beginning this week. Joannah Connolly ‏explains how the tax works and how it might affect you.


What’s Next In The Huawei Case: We look at what’s next in the complex case involving Chinese telecom company Huawei, in light of Monday’s indictments by U.S. prosecutors.


A Tale of Two Winters in Canada: While we enjoy another sunny day, folks back east deal with temperatures dipping to -52 C.


Northern Fur Seal Pup Rescue: A northern fur seal pup is being cared for by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.  Tom Walsh tells us everyone is hoping the animal will be able to make a full recovery but the next 12 hours are critical.


Tech Trends: Mike Yawney takes a look at the latest tech trends making headlines.


Tuesday, January 29th 2019

Huawei Exec Back in Court This Morning: The U.S. is looking to extradite Meng Wanzhou on several charges.


Restoring Accountability At The B.C. Legislature: We speak with former attorney general Wally Oppal, who became a special advisor to Speaker Darryl Plecas in November after B.C.’s top civil servants were escorted from their offices. They have now been accused of flagrant over-spending.


Life In Prison In 40 Year Old Murder: A mother says she can finally carry on with her life after a judge sentenced Garry Handlen to life in prison for killing a 12 year old girl near Merritt in 1978. Andrea Macpherson reports.


Humiliated Over Stroller Size: A White Rock mom is speaking out after she says a bus driver berated her over the size of her stroller. David Zura explains.


Let The Tech Do The Trash Talking! It’s a trash talking robot, and its goal at YVR is to help you sort your garbage into the right bin. Isabelle Raghem explains.


Women’s Personal Safety Tips: Awareness. Assessing. Avoidance. Acting. From the 4 A’s of personal safety to some simple physical concepts that can provide an opportunity for escape, we learn how to improve our level of personal safety with members of the VPD’s Women’s Personal Safety team.



Monday, January 28th 2019

Inside The Plecas Report On Legislature Spending: Alan Mullen sheds light on the expense claims and personal spending inside the B.C. Legislature.


Preventing Elder Abuse: Physical, emotional, psychological and even financial abuse.
Andrea Macpherson tells us it’s a scary reality for many seniors in Metro Vancouver and Crime Stoppers says Elder Abuse is one of the most underreported crimes.


Puppies Reunited: After two months apart and surviving horrific abuse, a furry family of dogs is being reunited in White Rock this weekend. Ashley Burr has the story.


Netflix Show Inspiring Clothing Donation Trend: Does it bring you joy? A Vancouver consignment store owner says she’s seen an overwhelming increase in people raiding their closets and dropping off used clothing… and believes a recently released Netflix show is the cause. Ashley Burr has the story.


Not All Debts Are Created Equal:  Find out if you have “good” debt or “bad” debt and what you should do about it when debt management expert Blair Mantin joins us on BT.


Winter Camping Hacks: Take winter adventures to the next level with these winter camping hacks from Scouts Canada.


Friday, January 25th 2019

Medical Emergency Ignored: A young Abbotsford woman with a chronic medical condition fainted in public last week and nobody stepped in to help. Andrea Macpherson explains.


Big Pig on the Move to Animal Sanctuary:  Theodore is moving on to a new life on Vancouver Island.


Transparency In Government Spending: Former Vancouver city councillor George Affleck joins us to discuss transparency in government and the latest reaction to the Plecas report.


The Future Of The Toronto Blue Jays:  Toronto Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins joins us to talk about the team’s youth movement and how the Vancouver Canadians have helped the club thrive in the big league.


Thor’s Hammers: Destroyer & Cold War:  Thor reviews the new police drama ‘Destroyer’, starring Nicole Kidman, plus drops the hammers on Poland’s ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ Oscar nominee ‘Cold War’.


AnimalKind:  Are you a dog owner looking for a trainer? We find out what the BC SPCA says you should be looking for and how to find one.


BT Celebrates Robbie Burns Day: Haggis, bagpipes and poetry. We celebrate Robbie Burns Day on BT!



Thursday, January 24th 2019

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: We meet a woman who’s mother has dementia and also talk to the care-worker who helped them learn how to communicate.


Vancouver Art Gallery Receives Huge Donation:  Gallery director, Kathleen Bartels joins us to talk about options and opportunites the $40 million donation could bring.



Tuesday, January 22nd 2019

Report Claims ‘Flagrant Overspending’:  A report claims ‘flagrant overspending’ by the suspended B.C. Legislature officials at the centre of an investigation in Victoria. News 1130’s Liza Yuzda reports.


Bowling To 99 Years Old!  The secret to living a long life, may be through bowling! Isabelle Raghem is learning life lessons from a 99 year old bowler!


Catching Up With Neve Campbell:  The Breakfast Club kicks off a national campaign to feed more Canadian children, so growing minds and bodies have the nutrition they need to reach their potential. Before heading to a Coquitlam elementary school to launch the campaign, Neve Campbell joins us in studio for an interview.


Oscar Nomination For Vancouver Filmmakers: Alison Snowden and David Fine are nominated for an Oscar for their animated short, “Animal Behaviour.” We talk to the pair about their inspiration for an animal therapy session and admire the Oscar they earned in 1994 for “Bob’s Birthday,” an animated short that comes with a warning for nudity – and is also very, very funny.


Breaking Down The Oscar Nominations:  Thor looks at some of the big stories and surprises from today’s Oscar nominations.


Why Today Is The Best Day To Buy A House:  Real estate expert Romana King tells us why January 22 is the best day to buy a house this year.




Monday, January 21st 2019

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?  How old is too old to drive? Travid Prasad is taking that question to the streets after 97 year old Prince Philip got into a car crash.


Should Cats Be Kept Inside To Protect Wild Birds?  That’s the opinion of the Victoria Natural History Society.


Avalanche Awareness: What You Need To Know:  Every winter more and more adventurers head up to play in Canada’s beautiful, snowy mountains. Remember that avalanches are possible in the mountains but also on hills. We get some helpful tips that could save your life.


How Seismometers Detect Earthquakes: They are monitoring seismic activity across Canada 24/7. We get an up close look at a seismometer and learn how they detect and record earthquakes.


How To Properly Install A Child Car Seat:  Are you taking a risk when you transport your child in a car seat? Find out when BCAA shares some of the common mistakes parents make when installing a car seat and how to do it properly.



Friday, January 18th 2019

Wang Wants Back Into Byelection:  Canada’s Liberal Party dismisses Karen Wang’s request to be reinstated as the Burnaby-South by-election candidate. Tom Walsh reports.


Canada’s Food Waste In A ‘Crisis’: A new study suggests more than half of food produced in Canada is wasted. Mary Cranston reports.


New Tech Sets Virtual Reality Free: Experiencing the movie for yourself in Richmond.


Svend Robinson Returns To Politics: Svend Robinson is pursuing a return to federal politics as he runs for the NDP nomination in North Burnaby-Seymour. While one of Canada’s longest-serving MPs, in 2004 he tearfully resigned and confessed he stole jewelry. Will voters move past his lapse in judgement? Will they send the experienced politician back to Ottawa?


How To Ride A Motorcycle: Ever thought about learning to ride a motorcycle? Riaz gets some helpful advice from Pacific Riding School.


2019 Wedding Dress Trends: Monte Durham, the ‘Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta’ star, answers some of your bridal style questions ahead of his appearance at the ‘It’s My Wedding Show’ in Langley.


Previewing Sunday’s Blood Moon: On Sunday, Canadians will be treated to a full wolf blood moon creating a total lunar eclipse. We get the details from astronomer Kat Kelley.




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