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Monday, October 24th 2016

7:40am Get Ready To Bike To Work In The Winter!  It’s Bike to Work Week.  We show you how you can ride to work safely and comfortably on the rainiest winter day!

How To Safely And Comfortably Ride Your Bike To Work In The Winter!

 8:20am Halloween Fireworks Safety:  From how to check that the fireworks are certified for use in Canada to how to safely light them, Vancouver Firefighters share what you need to know if you plan to include fireworks in your Halloween celebration.

Got Your Fireworks Permit? Vancouver Fire & Rescue Gets Us Set For A Safe Halloween

8:40am Taste of Persia:  She is a cook who has traveled throughout Persia on a culinary journey to shine a light on the rich food history of this part of the world.  She shares her stories and her knowledge of the spices, herbs and dishes of this exotic region.

The Taste of Persia