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Monday, Nov 6th 2017

6:20am Common Investor Mistakes:  Moneysense Magazine’s Bruce Sellery shares 4 common investor mistakes.


7:40am BT gets a lesson in salsa dancing! Tara Jean and Thor head over to D2 dance studio to learn some spicy salsa dancing from the pros.


8:20am Gym Equipment You Have Been Afraid To Try:  Intimidated by some of the equipment at your gym?  Dai Manuel shows us how to use them and tells us why they can make a big difference in your next workout.


8:40am Hasbro “Must-Haves” for the 2017 Holiday Season:  Tech toys, games, dolls, interactive friends and more! We show you a selection of the Hasbro holiday “must haves” sure to be at the top of this year’s holiday wish lists!