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Monday, May 6th 2019

It’s A Boy For Harry & Meghan! We get the latest details on the newest royal bundle of joy.


Royal Baby Boy Names: We’re speaking to people in Vancouver about the newest member of the royal family.


Southsiders Respond To Whitecaps’ Apology: The Southsiders talk about their reaction to Whitecaps apology and promise to do the right things. We find out what conversations the fans are having with the club and what steps they’d like to see in response to sexual assault claims.


 Vancouver Junior Roller Derby Has Nowhere To Roll: There’s no lack of interest for this roller sport, but they just don’t have space. The Vancouver Junior Roller Derby held a rally Sunday calling on the Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver to develop a year round, dedicated, roller-skate facility. Ashley Burr has more.


Celebrating 30 Years Of Science World: In celebration of Science World’s 30th anniversary, we do some fun “birthday-themed” demos! Find out what a “fire horn” is and if Riaz can pull a tablecloth from under a cake.


The Journey To Make ‘The Grizzlies’: We sit down with Miranda de Pencier, the director of ‘The Grizzlies’, to chat about her journey to make this powerful Canadian film.