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Monday, March 25th 2019

Prescribing Puppies – The Health Benefits Of Dogs: Doctors are beginning to look to dogs to help both the physical and mental health of their patients. Family physician, Beth Donaldson, says she’ll sometimes even ‘prescribe’ dogs to patients. Ashley Burr has the story.


VPD Launches “Rescue Task Force”: The Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, BC Emergency Health Services, and E-Comm have teamed up to develop a new joint rescue task force to respond to active deadly threat situations. Ashley Burr has the details.


Vancouver Artist’s Textile Twist: A 47-year-old lawyer is taking to his backyard shed and hammering away at art on an almost microscopic level. Holman Wang is one the world’s foremost needle felt practitioners and children’s authors.


The Business Of Tim Hortons: We learn what makes Tim Hortons a thriving brand in Canada with president Alex Macedo.


Good Brain Health: Cityline’s Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde returns with important tips to promote good brain health.


RCMP Puppy Recruit Training: We meet an “elder statesman” of the RCMP police dog service and a young pup – literally – who wants to follow in his footsteps. Dave and Lager are here with their handlers. Find out how a child you know has a chance to name the next incoming pack of pups.