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Monday, January 30th 2017

7:20am Do you know your rights? Can you film a police incident? Can someone order you to stop recording? Can you be forced to hand over your phone? After an incident between a witness and Toronto police, we find out what your rights are with Criminal Defense Lawyer Emmet Duncan.


7:40am American Travel Ban: Tima Kurdi is LIVE in studio with reaction barring citizens of 7 Muslim countries from entering the U.S.


8:20am Dexter the Truffle Dog! Ahead of the BC Truffle Festival we meet Dexter the legendary truffle dog: where and how he finds this prized delicacy right here in our province.


8:40am “Bake A Difference”: It’s the most delicious way to show your support for animals in need of your help.  We share a recipe for delicious smores cupcakes that you can make for National Cupcake Day supporting SPCAs and Humane Societies in your community and introduce you to a dog looking for a forever home.