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Monday, January 23rd 2017

7:20am What’s Next for the Organizers of the Women’s March in Vancouver? They marched, they rallied, and they raised a powerful voice. We speak with one of the organizers of the Women’s March in Vancouver about how to keep the message alive, and how to power up the momentum going forward


7:40am Trump and Your Money: What your investing strategy whether you think Trump will succeed or fail at revitalizing the US economy. Canadian Business Magazine’s Mike McCullough has a strategy for both.


8:20am 6 Big Ideas To Improve Healthcare In Canada: Dr Danielle Martin shares her observations and new book on the best ways to improve the system in this country.


8:40am Hitting The Road With Your Kids – Breakfast On-The-Go and Entertainment Ideas: Whether you are traveling to a hockey tournament or preparing for a busy day of traveling, Pay Chen shows us how to prepare a belVita breakfast on-the-go and keep the family entertained while traveling.