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Monday, January 21st 2019

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?  How old is too old to drive? Travid Prasad is taking that question to the streets after 97 year old Prince Philip got into a car crash.


Should Cats Be Kept Inside To Protect Wild Birds?  That’s the opinion of the Victoria Natural History Society.


Avalanche Awareness: What You Need To Know:  Every winter more and more adventurers head up to play in Canada’s beautiful, snowy mountains. Remember that avalanches are possible in the mountains but also on hills. We get some helpful tips that could save your life.


How Seismometers Detect Earthquakes: They are monitoring seismic activity across Canada 24/7. We get an up close look at a seismometer and learn how they detect and record earthquakes.


How To Properly Install A Child Car Seat:  Are you taking a risk when you transport your child in a car seat? Find out when BCAA shares some of the common mistakes parents make when installing a car seat and how to do it properly.