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Monday, January 19th 2015

Peter Twist shows you how to Unleash the Athlete Within

6:40 – He has worked with over 700 professional athletes including the Vancouver Canucks.  Peter Twist shows us how to “unleash the athlete within”.


Blue Monday and Beating the January Blahs

7:40 -Blue Monday has been dubbed the most depressing day of the year. Family Physician Dr. Yvette Lu with her best tips on how to keep an eye on depression, and how to manage your mood.


How to Choose the Right Ski & Snowboard Gear for You

8:20 How to make sure the boots fit right, plus the, high tech gadgets that will transform your day on the slopes.


 DIY Glow in the Dark Toys

8:40 Hours of enjoyment for the whole family! Glow in the dark toys you can make yourself with Today’s Parent correspondent Tina Barkley.