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Monday, December 14th 2015

7:20am Top Toy Picks at Granville Island Toy Company:  From their best sellers to toys that just hit the shelves, we show you the top toys for kids of all ages at the Granville Island Toy Company.

8:20am End of the Year Tax Tips:  From charitable donations made online early this year to lining up your travel medical receipts, the pros at H&R Block bring us the tips that could help boost your return or at least reduce what you owe if you start thinking about them now.

8:40 Gifts for the Design Buff: What to give the person with a flair for design and a serious appreciation of style? Western Living’s Stacy McLachlan brings us her picks!

BT’s Christmas Surprise! Monday’s prize has a $500 price tag and will appeal to those who love to stay connected! Tune in 6:10/7:10/8:10am to play BT’s Christmas Surprise for your chance to win!