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Monday, August 29th 2016

7:40am Duran Duran! From being video visionaries, to being influenced by the late great David Bowie, John and Roger Taylor share stories from past and present and tell us who they think is the “IT” artist of this era.

Duran Duran Share Who They Think Is The “IT” Artist Of This Era

8:20am Proxima B: Signs of Intelligent Life? Astronomer Derek Kief joins us to tell us why the discovery of planet Proxima B may finally give us an answer to the age-old question “are we alone in the universe?”

Proxima B & The Other Reasons Why We ‘May Not’ Be Alone In The Universe

8:40  Five Made-In-Vancouver Product Lines to Seek Out for Fall: FLARE Localist Cara McLeay shares her exciting, newest Vancouver finds – from a locally made beauty and body line to super lightweight footwear!

5 Made-In-Vancouver Product Lines to Seek Out for Fall