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Monday, April 29th 2019

Abuse Allegations Rock Whitecaps The Southsiders — the largest Whitecaps supporters group — have once again lead a fan walkout over ongoing misconduct allegations. We get the latest from NEWS 1130’s Martin MacMahon.


Bigg’s Orcas Return To Vancouver Waters Bigg’s orcas are marking their return to the South Coast as the transient orcas hunt abundant marine mammals. We talk to a researcher to understand if they’re here to stay and what this development may mean for resident orca whales and other species populations.


“Mom Truths” With Cat & Nat Social media sensations and hilarious best friends Cat and Nat join us to share embarrassing stories and brutally honest advice on the extremely real struggle of motherhood from their new book, Mom Truths.


Does The Latest Simpson’s Episode Go Too Far? The latest Canadian themed Simpson’s episode is raising some eyebrows over a reference made about people living in Newfoundland. Greg Harper explains.

Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen talk “Long Shot” Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron star in a new rom-com ‘Long Shot’ about an unlikely romance between a writer and a politician.

Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen talk ‘Long Shot’