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Monday, April 27, 2015

Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show
6:40 – From learning what the happiness “sweet spot” is when it comes to earnings, to practical advice on increasing your feelings of happiness, we spend the morning at The Happy Show at the Museum of Vancouver.

How to train a small dog
7:40 -Chirag Patel and Domesticated Manners have trained dogs around the world. He joins us to debunk the popular belief that small dogs can’t be trained – he’ll show us how it’s done.

Game 6 Analysis with Captain Kirk
8:20 -Kirk McLean joins us with his best perspective on Game 6.

Feed Yourself for $1.75 a Day?
8:40 -The campaign ‘Live Below the Line’ challenges Canadians to eat and drink on $1.75/day for five days while raising money for organizations that tackle extreme poverty issues. Fable Kitchen chef Trevor Bird makes 2 meals, each priced under $2.