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Monday April 21, 2014

Serious Shoe Fun – the Hottest Styles at Lord’s
6:40 – We show you a selection of serious shoe fun including fabulous summer sandals and bridal shoe bliss when we visit Lord’s Shoes & Apparel.

7:40 – So many fertilizers out there, but when to do it? And with what? Frankie Flowers has Fertilizer 101.

How to Survive Allergy Season
8:20 – Tis the season for sneezing. Why we get allergies, plus how to prevent & treat them. Family doctor Yvette Lu brings her best tips.

The Dolphin’s Way: A Parent’s Guide
8:40: Somewhere between the pushy Tiger parent and the permissive Jellyfish, lies the Dolphin parent. Harvard trained psychiatrist Dr Shimi Kang explains her firm but gently philosophy documented in her new book The Dolphin’s Way.