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January 20, 2014

Meet Adorable Pets Available For Adoption And Learn Some Training Techniques At The Vancouver Spca
6:40am -Meet some of the pets available for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA
We will meet some of the pets available for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA, learn some training techniques and tell you how eating a delicious cupcake can help raise funds for the SPCA.

Canada’s Outstanding Principals
7:40am -What does it take to head-up a school where students come for a second chance? Cabe Secondary principal Paul McNaughton has just been acknowledged as one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals. He shares his philosophy, wisdom and insight.

How to manage Seasonal Affective Disorder:
8:20 -Winter blues have you down? How do you know if you suffer from something more serious like S.A.D? Naturopathic doctor Penny Kendall-Reed brings some of her best alternative remedies and lifestyle tips to help beat the winter blahs.