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Friday, September 30th 2016

6:15am Milton’s Secret:  We kick off VIFF with actors William Ainscough and Hays Wellford to chat about their film based on the #1 bestselling novel ‘Milton’s Secret’ and why the story is so special to them.

How Two Local Child Actors Got Involved In ‘Milton’s Secret’

7:40am Thor’s Hammers: Thor reviews the Mark Wahlberg’s true story survival drama ‘Deepwater Horizon’ and Tim Burton is back with ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’.

Thor’s Hammers: Deepwater Horizon & Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

8:20am The Music of Junk: Imagine making bagpipes out of garbage bags or a harp out of an old bed frame? It’s a reality for Paul Snider and he’ll explain the science behind the music of junk and let the BT hosts try some of them out!

Not Your Average Instrument. The Music Of Junk Turns Garbage Into Greatness!

8:40am How Rick Hansen is Breaking Down Barriers: It’s an initiative that reflects Rick Hansen’s life’s work. The Rick Hansen Foundation launches Access4All – a new program that will make more playgrounds and public spaces accessible to those living with a disability.


How Rick Hansen is Breaking Down Barriers