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Friday, September 25th 2015

7:20am Driving Skills For Life:  Avoid hazards with quick reaction times.  Understand and experience the dangers of distracted driving. We get practical, hands-on advanced driver training when we take part in the Ford Driving Skills For Life program.

 7:40am Thor’s Hammers: Thor drops the hammers on the Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway comedy ‘The Intern’ plus the Bobby Fischer biopic ‘Pawn Sacrifice’.

8:20am ‘Brooklyn’ director John Crowley: We kick off VIFF’s exciting lineup with filmmaker John Crowley, the director of the gala’s opening film ‘Brooklyn’.

8:40am How to Incorporate Vintage Finds Into Home Décor:  From how to balance vintage and modern items to when to throw the rule book out the window, HGTV Design Personality Tommy Smythe shows us how to incorporate vintage finds into home decor.