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Friday, October 26th 2018

Lasia Cuts Off All Her Hair For Charity! It’s been about eight years since Lasia Kretzel last cut her hair. At first, it was a challenge to see if she could grow it as long as her mom once had it. But when her mother passed away, it became an opportunity to raise awareness.


B.C. Ferry Drags Fishing Boat: What a drag! Isabelle Raghem tells us everyone is okay after a B.C. Ferry snagged a partially submerged fishing net Wednesday off Vancouver Island.


Scientist Seals Himself In ‘Biodome’: How long would you last locking yourself in a 10×10 sealed dome? Andrea Macpherson has the story of a Comox scientist who put himself in danger, all in the name of climate change.


Vancouver Police Canine Calendar: They’re a tough, crime-fighting tandem. We meet Hawk and his human handler, Constable Brian Lequesne of the Vancouver Police Department.


Thor’s Hammers – Mid90s & Hunter Killer: Thor reviews Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s plus drop the hammers on the new action thriller Hunter Killer.


Port Moody Mayor-Elect Rob Vagramov: At 26, he will be one of Canada’s youngest mayors. Rob Vagramov has been elected to lead in Port Moody and we welcome him to BT.